Non-credit Bearing Qualification

About Marketing Management
Centurion Academy Business short course in Marketing Management, is designed to equipped you the learner, with the foundational knowledge and skills in the marketing field. The content is general to all fields of marketing in the Industry and to keep track with all the external trends in the marketing environment. Marketing has gained prominence as a key ingredient of business growth and development. A focused appreciation of the marketing mix with all its permutations and application is critical content for the students to comprehend their role in the market place.
This Business Short Course is non ‑ credit bearing.
Course Content
Module 1: Introduction to Management
Module 2: Marketing and Marketing Concepts
Module 3: Target Market and Promotions
Module 4: Communication with Service Providers and Customers
Module 5: Marketing Expertise and Resources
Module 6: Teamwork, Marketing Performance and Ethics

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