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About Principles of Bookkeeping
Centurion Academy Business short course in the Principles of Bookkeeping, is designed to equip you the learner, with the valuable insight and role of the bookkeeper. The fundamentals of basic bookkeeping are covered in this programme. Students will obtain the knowledge and competency about how to record simple financial transactions, measure financial performance at an elementary level as well as analyse and report on relevant financial information to management. The relationship between bookkeeping and other business functions is explored, including those ethical aspects associated with the bookkeeping role. After completion the bookkeeping programme, the student can articulate toward our CA Financial Management programme, based on a NQF 5 level.
Course Content
Module 1: Introduction to Bookkeeping
Module 2: Financial Transactions
Module 3: Debtors and Creditors Management
Module 4: Reconciliation and the Trial Balance
Module 5: Salaries and Wages
Module 6: Financial Statements and Business Tax

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