Non-credit Bearing Qualification

About Project Administration
Centurion Academy Business short course in Project Administration, is designed to equip you the learner, with the necessary knowledge to become a Project Administrator in various aspects of organizing the necessary team members within an organisation, facilitating, reporting and analyzing projects under the supervision of a project manager.
This Business Short Course is non ‑ credit bearing.
Course Content
Module 1: Contact Centre service levels
Module 2: Administrative Records Management
Module 3: Fulfilling your position in the workplace
Module 4: Contact Centre Customer needs and selling methods
Module 5: Identify and respond to Customer needs in a Contact Centre
Module 6: Computers in a Contact Centre
Module 7: Information and query processing
Module 8: Using the telephone to increase Contact Centre performance
Module 9: Communicating within a diverse Contact Centre
Module 10: Contact Centre operations in a Business Environment

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