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About Project Management
Project Management is a special management technique designed to manage projects and is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet the project requirements. Centurion Academy has designed this Business short course to assist you the learner, in obtaining the necessary knowledge and learn the essential skills to become a Project Manager.
Course Content
Module 1: Controlling project life cycles
Module 2: Managing Project Risks
Module 3: Managing Project Schedules
Module 4: Introducing Project Stakeholders
Module 5: Principles of Project Management
Module 6: Project Stakeholders and Project Tools
Module 7: Documentation created during various Project Phases
Module 8: Project Management Administration Processes
Module 9: Project Management Change Requests
Module 10: Planning Project Meetings
Module 11: Project Support in Project Management
Module 12: Product Estimation
Module 13: Project Planning and Scheduling
Module 14: Project Management Quality Procedures
Module 15: Project Management and Organisational Ethics
Module 16: Applying Project Management Principles

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